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There are not many places where you can get your own customised jumper and sweater designed to suit your character, or personalised to suit your requirements. Well you will not have to fret about this further as we are here to help you make your own jumper!

You will love the fact that our website’s jumper designer application is simple and easy to use; navigating about as you design a jumper is a piece of cake. Take for example our graphic designs that are available for you to choose; there are more than 8000 designs on our interactive application. These designs have been attentively placed into their respective classes, which include segments like Music, Symbols & Shapes, Cities & Countries as well as Bestsellers. Each design chosen is individually priced, with an affordable price tag that compliments the price of our jumpers, without burning a hole into your pocket. The graphic images that you choose can either be centered horizontally, or placed in the middle of our branded jumpers.

Broaching the subject of fonts for your sweaters, you will find that our fonts are one of a kind, and are made to imitate your personality. The names on our list are classy, comical or funky, depending on you’re the nature you choose to depict. These include font types like Futura, Data Seventy, Halloween and Caecilia. The text that you type using our jumper application can be flipped horizontally or vertically across the jumpers you make.

We have four cool printing techniques for you to choose from. The first one on the list of prints is digital printing, which is the practical solution for images which are of high resolution, such as photos and corporate logos. Flock prints, on the other hand, are in essence plot prints with a velvety finish that is similar to touching a layer of plush. There are two types of flex prints for you. The standard flex print gives out a slightly shiny surface exterior, and is smooth to the touch. A special flex print, however, has got both a glistening and smooth surface, and is the only text we offer which can caters for a singular colour selection for each design opted. All of our prints have extremely high durability, and do not fade out with frequent washes or in the sun.

You will definitely be happy to know that we are able to send out our shipments locally as well as internationally. We cover quite a number of counties in the European as well as Asian region, and these include France, Germany, Japan and Singapore. The costs of shipping will vary based on standard and express shipping, and we assure you that our items are sent out within 48 hours of full payment and a complete order placement. Our delivery within the UK will reach our customers within a range of three to seven working days. 

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